Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC Unit

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC Unit

An essential factor every homeowner must consider while purchasing a new HVAC device is its energy efficiency rating. This energy efficiency rating assists you in understanding how efficient your heating and air conditioning model is. The higher the HVAC energy efficiency, the more seamlessly it will work, and the lower the monthly fuel expenses will be. Keep in mind that the efficiency rating is not the only factor determining your device’s efficiency.

If you do not regularly maintain and service your HVAC appliance, it will give up on its energy efficiency eventually. First Choice Heating & Air is an HVAC contractor in Bluffdale, UTWe can help you install energy-efficient HVAC units and define your appliance’s efficiency levels and ways to improve them.

Tips to improve your HVAC's power efficiency

Poorly maintained air conditioning and heating appliances will have to work harder, causing their components to wear and tear and increasing monthly utility bills. Below are some practical tips to enhance your HVAC appliance’s fuel efficiency:

  • Close curtains and blinds
    Ensure that you keep the blinds and curtains shut so that cold air during the summer season and warm air during the winter do not escape through the window or door rifts. This way, the processed air will remain indoors and help your HVAC maintain an optimal temperature. 
  • Set the HVAC thermostat at a higher temperature
    Setting your HVAC’s thermostat at 6 to 8 degrees above average will be the most helpful way to enhance your machine’s power efficiency. The higher the temperature, the less effort your device requires to keep your place comfortable. 
  • Schedule routine maintenance
    Regular air conditioner and heating maintenance will help keep your machine operating optimally without demanding frequent heat pump repair in Bluffdale, UT, services. 

While there are many things one can do to improve HVAC efficiency, the first step is to find the right company to offer the proper repairs and maintenance services. At First Choice Heating & Air, our technicians are experts in the industry and can help you save money on your HVAC services. For more information, call us at (801) 878-9465 or visit our website.