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Your heating and cooling systems are one of the most used and important systems in your home. Although you probably don’t think about it too often, you use your heating and cooling systems a lot; more than likely on a daily basis. For a system that works so hard, it is important to get regular maintenance done by a professional to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible and to avoid it from breaking down when the weather is at its worst.

Here are guaranteed benefits that come from having a Maintenance Plan Membership:

  •  Extends the life of your unit: Having a maintenance plan ensures that you are getting the Preventive maintenance you need before each season begins. This will maximize and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems for years as we are able to detect any problems sooner than later.
  • Keeps your home safe: As professional technicians perform the seasonal tune-ups and complete the yearly visits, they can identify dangerous safety risks, such as a cracked heat exchange, and fix them before they become a threat to your family.
  • AVOID UNNECESSARY AND COSTLY REPAIRS: With regular seasonal and annual HVAC maintenance visits, problems with your units are spotted and fixed before they even start. This minimizes the need to call a contractor over to your home for HVAC repairs.
  • INCREASED COMFORT: Technicians will clean your system and inspect its internal components–usually listed in the plans offered. Technicians will also take the time to explain what they find and work with you to resolve any detected issues.
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  • LOWER ENERGY BILLS: Because professionals are coming over regularly to inspect and maintain your units, your until will be running as efficiently as possible; this will cut down the amount of money you are paying on your monthly electric bills since your system isn’t working as hard.
  • SAVES MONEY: Having pros visiting your home regularly takes care of a lot of issues that would otherwise turn into big, messy, and costly repairs. Since problems are detected sooner, the cost of having to do big and frequent repairs is cut down. Most memberships also come with significant discounts on service calls, diagnostic fees, and more. You are ultimately paying less for the same excellent quality service for every trip; it’s like having home heating and AC service specials all year round just for you.

There are also other benefits that come with getting a maintenance plan. At low the low costs of most maintenance plans, they come with other great member-exclusive benefits. For example, never missing any HVAC seasonal or yearly tune-ups, and getting anywhere from 10%-20% OFF all service repairs, etc.

For First Choice Heating & Air, we list all the benefits of having a Maintenance Plan with us here.

If you are interested in getting a maintenance plan for your Heating and Cooling system and you live in the Utah & Salt Lake City counties, First Choice Heating & Air has different maintenance plans that work for everyone’s needs and budgets.