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Summer is for fun spending, not paying high electric bills

Let’s face it, there aren’t too many of us who are perfectly happy to go through the summer months without turning on the AC; it’s just too hot! But, turning on the AC during the summer months racks up monthly bills and it can get annoying and frustrating very quickly.

During summer months, your HVAC system uses more electricity than usual to keep your home cool and comfortable. While it is nice to have a cool home during the summer, it’s even better to do so without spending too much money on your electricity bill.

Summer should be a time of fun; spending money on fun activities and fun vacations with loved ones. To help you focus on fun and other things that truly matter, we’re going to give you some tips that will help you save a little bit of money.

Make sure your house is properly insulated

If your house is properly insulated, you will retain more of the cool air your AC produces. In older houses, your window and door seals can become worn and allow cool air to escape your home. A poorly insulated attic can also allow cool air to leave the house. To check if your house is insulated properly, you can have a home energy audit done on your home from your utility provider or local contractor. They will inspect your house and recommend how you can make your home more energy efficient.

Close your blinds

Open blinds allow more heat from the sun to enter your home. Closing your blinds on sunny days can block heat from entering and will help insulate your home.

Consider using a Smart Thermostat

If you do not already have one, a smart thermostat is a great tool to help you regulate your AC system. Smart thermostats can read the interior temperature better than normal thermostats and allow you to regulate your AC system from your phone when you are too lazy to get up. With smart thermostats, if you’re going away on vacation, you can choose to turn off your AC until you plan on coming back, allowing you to save energy and walk into a cool house at the same time.

Set your thermostat to the highest temperature you can stand

Setting your thermostat to the highest temperature you can stand is the best way to save money with your AC system. This will allow the system to run as little as possible, reducing the amount of energy your AC system will be using. For example, in our home, we set the AC at 70° on automatic during the day because we can stand that temperature. During the night, to allow for better sleep, we turn it down.

Make sure your thermostat is in the right location

Your thermostat should be on an interior wall in the most used room in your house and should be unobstructed by furniture, decorations, and doors. Always make sure your thermostat is away from windows and doors leading to the outside of the house, as those will be warmer areas and will make your AC use more energy due to inaccurate readings from your thermostat. If you have a smart thermostat, make sure it is in an area with adequate Wi-Fi reception.

Always turn your AC off when nobody is home

It is pointless to have your AC on and running when nobody is using it. This can waste a lot of energy and rack up your energy bill. Make a rule where the last person to leave the house turns off the AC and always double-triple check!

Use a fan

Fans use less energy than your AC unit and can make a room feel up to 10 degrees cooler. Use a fan to cool down before you turn on your AC and look into installing ceiling fans in warmer rooms.

All in all, saving money on your AC can be easy and requires minimal effort. Start by raising your temperature on your thermostat, using fans to cool down warm rooms, and turning off your AC when nobody is home. If your power bill is still high, make sure your thermostat is properly placed and consider upgrading your thermostat and getting a home energy audit done on your home. These simple tips will cut your electric use by surprising amounts and will make your home eco-friendlier.